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Many people opt to use a combination of a Social Security card, two pieces of current mail (or computer-generated items such as bank statements) and a birth certificate or passport. Several different document options are available.

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Below is the full list of acceptable documents from the Connecticut DMV for a REAL ID:
You must present two (2) forms of identification; at least one of the documents must be from the Primary document list.
PRIMARY document list
US born

  • US or US Territory Birth Certificate or Registration of Birth (Hospital issued and Puerto Rico issued prior to July 1, 2010 not acceptable; foreign place of birth see Non-US Born)
  • US Passport or Passport Card

Non-US born

  • US Passport or Passport Card
  • Foreign Passport w/ supporting documents (See Legal Presence noted below)*
  • Certificate of Naturalization*
  • Certificate of Citizenship*
  • Permanent Resident Card*
  • US Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Issued by the Department of State)

By law, the full name shown on the Primary document is your legal name and will be printed on your card. If your name is different than the Primary document.
SECONDARY document list

  • Out of State US photo driver license
  • US Territory or Canadian photo driver license
  • Out of State US or Canadian issued photo learner permit
  • Connecticut issued non-driver identification card, driver license or learner permit
  • (Your driver license or ID may be required to be surrendered)
  • US Military ID or dependent card with photo
  • Connecticut State Permit to Carry Pistols or Revolvers
  • Military discharge/separation papers (DD-214)
  • Court Order: Must contain full name and date of birth (i.e. name change, adoption, marriage or civil union dissolution) Does not include abstract of criminal or civil conviction
  • Marriage or Civil Union Certificate (certified copy issued by town/city)
  • Pilot's license (issued by the US DOT Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Certified school transcript (school photo ID not acceptable)
  • Social Security Card (Not laminated or metal. 16 and older must sign)
  • CT Department of Corrections certificate (CN101503)
  • Baptismal certificate or similar document
  • State or Federal Employee Identification with signature and photo and/or physical description with or without date of birth
  • Employment Authorization card
  • Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC)
  • Federally Recognized Tribal Member ID card
  • DHS Trusted Traveler Cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)

By law, you must present one of the following to prove your Social Security number. The 1099 or W-2 must show your full Social Security number and is only for proof of Social Security number, not identity.

  • Social Security card
  • W-2 form (issued within 5 years)
  • 1099 (issued within 5 years)
  • Non-US Citizens not eligible for a Social Security number must present proof of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration.

You must provide two (2) different pieces of mail from two (2) different sources to prove your home is located in Connecticut. The documents do not need to include a postmarked envelope and may have been sent to a P.O. Box or by email. Both documents must:

  • Show your name and your Connecticut residence address
  • Be dated within 90 days (unless stated otherwise below)
  • Be computer generated (typed)
  • Postmarked mail (address may be handwritten)
  • Bill from a bank or mortgage company, utility company, credit card company, doctor or hospital
  • Bank statement or bank transaction receipt showing the bank's name and mailing address
  • Pre-printed pay stub showing your employer's name and address
  • Property or excise tax bill, or Social Security Administration or other pension or retirement annual benefits summary statement and dated within the previous 12 months
  • Medicaid or Medicare benefit statement
  • Current valid homeowner's, renter's policy or motor vehicle insurance card or policy dated within the previous 12 months
  • Current valid Connecticut motor vehicle registration
  • Current motor vehicle loan statement for a motor vehicle registered in your name
  • Residential mortgage or similar loan contract, lease or rental contract showing signatures from all parties needed to execute the agreement and dated within the previous 12 months
  • Connecticut voter registration card
  • Change-of-address confirmation from the United States Postal Service showing your prior and current address (Form CNL107)
  • Survey of your Connecticut property issued by a licensed surveyor
  • Official school records showing enrollment
  • Parents or legal guardian of minor (under 18) may provide any two of the foregoing documents addressed to the parent residing at same address to prove minor residency, or use their own CT driver license or ID which shows the same address as one of the two required.

Legal status will be verified using Systematic Alien Verification of Eligibility (SAVE) which may take 10 business days or more.

  • US Passport or Passport Card
  • I-94
  • I-551 Stamp in foreign passport
  • Permanent Resident card or Resident Alien card
  • Employment Authorization card
  • Refugee Travel document
  • B1/B2 requires Employment Authorization Card and verified Adjustment of Status Application
  • F1 requires I-20 and I-94
  • J1 requires DS2019 and I-94
  • *Non-US Citizens not eligible for a Social Security number must present proof of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration and are not qualified for a verified driver license or ID card.
  • *Only US Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for a verified driver license or ID card.
  • *B1/B2 visitor status is NOT eligible to obtain a CT credential.


  • Marriage or civil union certificate (certified copy issued by town/city)
  • Marriage or civil union dissolution
  • Probate court name change document
  • DHS Petition for Name Change (USCIS Form N-662)

Those who have a Real ID already don't need to go through the whole document process again.
The Real ID law was passed as an extra layer of security against terrorists who would use false identification to fly or gain access to certain federal buildings.
Residents who aren't due for a renewal can convert a license for a $30 duplicate fee. Real ID is available at the DMV and partner offices like DMV Express.